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Friday, February 29, 2008

Luxurious and rich

= Scene with DeLa*=

Today's Style

Gorgeous fur coart, Panthere Neige from Bare Rose. For spirit of animal protection, this fur is fake fur:) Panthere Neige has maching earth color suits as a total fashion even I do not wear this time.

Dress I am wearing is black sequine so that I do not want to lost atmosphere of this fur coat. The dress also my favorite from G.L.A.M:)

My Booooots!!! Briana in silver. I love luxurious and rich in thigh-high looking:D

Boots:DeLa* (Briana-silver)

Coat:Bare Rose (Panthere Neige)

Dress:G.L.A.M. (Luxe 'Sequined Cocktail Dress)

Pants:Armidi Limited (Metallic Tights-Champagne)

Earring:Muse (Claire Diamond Earrings)

Hair:ETD (Sofia)

Eyes:HAKUOU-DO (KTG Beauty eyes01-gray)

= Scene with DeLa*=
Moscow Island

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lindsey,high waisted jeans

Today's Style

This turtle neck sweater with pearl from H+K prevents no necklace on turtle sweater:)
They include chocolate pearl type and no pearl. That is wonderful! I love cute ribbon too:)

Now, it is time to introduce new jeans "Lindsey" from DeLa* :))
Denim corset has a shirt and a jacket layers.

This is back style. High waisted Jeans, Lindsey has two colors of black and three of blue.
Lindsey I am wearing is blue03.

It is worn as normal jeans without a corset.

Lindsey also has two type of pants bottoms. This is skinny one.
Pumps, Helia in blue

Denim:DeLa* (High waisted Jeans Lindsey-blue03)
Pumps:DeLa* (Helia-blue)

Sweater:*H+K* (girlish pearl-black)

Earring:Muse (Claire Diamond Earrings)

Nails:Fleur (White Polka Dots nails)

Eyes:HAKUOU-DO (KTG Beauty eyes01-black)

SS Location = Scean with DeLa*=
Sky Designs on L'utopie'Utopie/89/103/30

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Mirabelle Dress

Today's Style

I am so exiting to announce that DeLa* finaly makes dress and denim. DeLa* joins into cloth shop too:)
I am so happy:)))

This is Mirabelle dress in red. There are 9 colors available. It comes with maching left cuff and neck scarf. Mirabelle dress has top as a shirt and a jacket layers and under pants and pants. Underpants cover the gap between top and jeans, so we can wear a top part as a camisole separately.

Tintable socks with left side dots comes with Mirabelle too.
New Thaelle pumps in red. Actually it has ankle tie. I wear Thaelle without them.

= Scean with DeLa*=

Dress:DeLa* (Mirabelle)

Pumps:DeLa* (Thaelle-red)*it will be coming...

Earring:Dela* (not for sale)

Hair:ETD (Chalisa II)

Eyes:HAKUOU-DO (KTG Beauty eyes01-black)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Midnight City

Today's Style

Beautiful eyes from KTG. Pupil is so real.

I wear white peacoat as a jacket because it is warmer than usual winter today:)
Black skirt comes with cool corset and blouse as The Last Mobstress from Kyoot Army.

I really love this short black-black Devon boots. I want everybody to try DEMO. It's free:)

= Scene with DeLa*=
I love explore in SL. When I find wonderful place, I am so exiting and can not help taking snap shots. hehehe:)
I hope many people enjoy Scean with DeLa*. There is LM for explore<3

Boots:DeLa* (Devon-Black Silver)

Jacket:G.L.A.M. (Military Peacoat in White)

Skirt:Kyoot Army (The Last Mobstress)

Socks:DeLa* (not for sale...)

Earring:Muse (Claris Pearl Earrings in Gold)

Nails:Fleur (Fleur Claret)

Hair:ETD (Holly)

Eyes:HAKUOU-DO (KTG Beauty eyes01-black)

SS Location = Scene with DeLa*=
Midnight City

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beautiful snow

Today's Style

I went to cold snow mountain today. If I got lost, this sweet cookie would be a great help for me. lol I love to eat anyway:D yummy!!
Delicious broach from H+K

There are 3 colors ,green, black and hot pink. I like puffy poncho.

Maureen black

= Scene with DeLa*=

Boots:DeLa* (Maureen-Black)

Poncho:CREAM SHOP (midnight poncho set-mossgreen)

Inside top:Gisaci (Little Mary- Rose)

Pants:Awesome Designs (Capri Pants-Black)

Glove:Fleur Leather Gloves

Broach:H+K (eating sweet cake set02-eating cookie broach)

Earring:Muse (Claire Diamond Earrings)

Hair:ETD (Holly)

SS Location = Scene with DeLa*=
Chalet Linden, a cozy snow lodge

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I can fly!

Today's Style

I feel like a bird in seagull feather:) I think I can fly....?

= Scene with DeLa*=
Yes, I am flying! lol:))

Boots: DeLa* (Briana-Black)

Jacket: Baiastice Haute Couture (Seagull)

Skirt Tights:Paper Couture (Italian Black)
Earring:Paper Couture (Steel Spikes)

Sanglass:Armidi Limited (Wide Rise WR001 shades-black)

Nail:Tete a Pied TaP (Flewr Nails Claret)

Hair:ETD (Chalisa II)

SS Location = Scene with DeLa*=

Like a red rose

Today's Style

"Even though I don't wear any red cloth now, my heart, my passion, my everything is like a red rose.... " I just wanted to say that.hehehe:P

= Scene with DeLa*=

Sandal: DeLa* (Brigitte-OliveSilver)

Tops & Corset:Last Call (Rebecca)
Skirt:Last Call (Joanna)

Choker:Muse (Chatelaine Collection-ChokerSilver)

Earring:Yummy-Nylon outfitters (Opals and Pearls Set)

Hair:ETD (Trinitee)
SS Location = Scene with DeLa*=
Venice Island

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Escape from Tokyo

Today's Style

I wanted escape from Tokyo to a country side on my vacation.

It would be an apple which I'd gather on my brunch:)


= Scean with DeLa*=

I found the greenies looking into camera lenz. Isn't he cute? I slided next him and took a pic:)

Boots: DeLa* (Darena-Black)

Top: Gisaci (Milano Halter Top-Devilsberry)

Skirt:sand shack Surf co. (Dunes Skirt)

Bangle(R):Naughty (Turqoise Multi Bracelet3in1)

Bangle(R):Cake (80's Pop Bracelet)

Bangle(L):Drifting Sands (DS Wood Bangles-Dark)

Earring:Sorry, I lost shop name and LM:( (Peacock earring)

Necklace:EARTHTONES (Boho Gypsy Neckalace)

Nail:Tete a Pied TaP (Tap French Beige Nails)

Hair:ETD (Laurie)