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Friday, May 30, 2008

Rain drop colors inside? outside?

Where do I go shopping?
Viva La Glam!

Sim is terrible rain, flood is so awful.
I don't wanna my sandal sink, no pic though... lol
It's better stay under umbrella:)

Tank Top:DeLa* (Jill-Sky__belt comes with Jill)
Pants:DeLa* (Sherry-Silver)
Earrings:DeLa* (Berlioz-Sky)
Bangles(R):DeLa* (Bellini-Sky)
(L):DeLa* (Carmen-Sky)

Eyes:Coquette (01-Coffee)
Eyelushes:Cake (Bedroom Lashes)Hair:Cake (Berlin)
Sandal:DeLa* (Dolly-BluexBlack)

Pic at G.L.A.M (Color change Umbrella)

New tank tops "Jill"

New Tank Top "Jill"

"Jill" "Jill" "Jill";)
Jill is a Tank top having three patent leather lines on chest.
Most of color is very chic and looks very elegant.
What I should say most is the belt.
The belt comes with Jill make your outlook not ordinary tanks.

I almost
Color of three lines on chest are black and same color on the tank.
Two kinds tops are included.
Of course, they have all layers:))


New Sandal "Dolly"

While I've been come and go from town to suburb, two items are released;P

New arrival***"Dolly" sandals
New arrival*****"Jill" Tank tops

yay! yay!lol

I'm so proud to announce Dolly sandals which have very attractive ice cream corn shaped wedge sole;D
Actually I've been die for long

City or play ground, wearing dolly, you unconsciously might be singing La* la* la* with your smile.
Depend on the Dolly, sole has two combination colors.. like black x magenta on this pic.
Small sculpty diamonds are on belt.
Come and see them:)

PS; I'm back;P

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fashion Flame

First week on this month, DeLa* joined fashion show by InStyle Fashion Agency ;)
All coodinate is Scarlett Niven who is my fashion dream heroin on Digital Images(See blogroll;P)!The show had several story stage and the models were in a frame along with each different story.
It was new creative fashion show.
We are very proud for joining them.

Many thanks to InStyle Fashion Agency, Scarlett and models

Dress from Digit Darks by Digit Darks
Jewerly from Alexander Fine Jewelry by Alexandar Vargas
Hat from Chapeau tres Mignon by Meg Demina
Skin from MM by Minnu Palen
Hair from Calico Creations by Calico Ingmann

Fabulous dress from Digit Darks

I love this hat and dress. They are so pretty :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Architect style Vincente and Camilla

A modern architect style bangles "Vincente" and earrings "Camilla" are released.
Each piece has been pursued most simple lines only.
They are expressed beauty of lines by square.
Available in gold and silver.
I love Camilla earring shape so much:D

Friday, May 09, 2008

Glamourous accesories

Three kind of bangles and earrings are new released.
All accesories are Matching color with clutch bag "ZAZU" which already has been released:)

I like wearing bright color for bright spring days;D
They are glamourous, massive accesories;)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Crocodile clutch bag ZAZU

The brand new bag "ZAZU", crocodile clutch is just arrived:)
Authentic sophisticated clutch.
ZAZU has cool and pop color line.

Matching color accesories will be released too.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Irina ;)

"Irina" diva pants dress is released.
Both long and short length pants are included.
It comes with matching color tie;)

I spend a comfortable and relax day by smoothing texture:D