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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great days!

Digit Darkes for Wheelies!

Fabulous dress from Digit Darkes!
Kuranosuke and I are on the best friends pose:)

I love this side silhouette. I am just enchanted by the dress:)

The black pants she is wearing does not come with the dress. Dress has gougeous sexy underpants which has same flower texture on the top.
I think she needs courage a little :P

Please see this underpants;) Glamorous!

I wear all from Coquette. Boots also included Skully set:)
What a cute outfit!

Floral music dress from SY Designs.
When I wear sweet dress, my feeling also turns feminine:)

Thanks for Sasy,
Kuranosuke and I are very glad to join Wheelies.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for purchasing all of Wheelies goods.
Always Love and Peace,
Hug tight:)

Digit Darkes
Antigua Spain
Skully set

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Non stop fountain for Wheelies

More for Wheelies!!
We do not stop fountain for Wheelies until the end 30th:D
And I can not stop shopping for them,hahaha;P

Coquette (Shannon Carroll)
Skully set Skully set is including Copped parker, skirt, bikini pants and boots!
What a great package!

SY Designs (SySy Chapman)
Floral music
Feminine sweet dress;D

We dress from great Wheelis stuffs:))

I and Kuranosuke(she is first shown up on the blog. she is the creator on DeLa*) wear Brush and Vintage skin from Sasy Scarborough. I need fix my shape for this. ahaha:D

Texture of her black skirt from Material Squirrel is great. I imagine all wings sold at Material Squirrel are all fantastic:)

The bottle Kuranosuke is holding as a treasure is very Evil Fairy in a bottle which talks, dances and twirls! We set the bottle at DeLa* We love it:))

My pink dress!! It is from Pink Flamingo makes me Barbie quickly and now I am almost a princess:) Flamingo feather sometimes tickle my feet;P

For my princess outlook, pearl accesories by Dark Mouse just makes me a perfect princess.;D Pearl set including earrings, necklace, bracelet will be my favorite!

Kuranosuke outfit
Skin:Sasy Scarborough (Brush) *Wheelies*
Evil Fairy in a bottle *Wheelies*
Pumps:DeLa* (Mika) *Wheelies*

Tank:DeLa* (Mirabelle-Black)
Hair:ETD (Ginny)
Dress:The Flamingo (Birds of paradiseFantastic ) *Wheelies*

Accesories: Dark Mouse (Pearl accesorie set) *Wheelies*

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More and more for Wheelies:)

More great Wheelies are coming:)  
I supposed to dress goodies on me for wheelies on this post thogh, please announce new stuffs first;D
If you do not see my last post, please please see and go get them.

More about Wheelies info.

The Flamingo (Moire Georgette)
Birds of paradiseFantastic Dress
I want to be pink flamingo like her:)

Dark Eden
Stripped Boots Blue and Red
Sarubobo Skirts
Wheelies VIP Jacket
Both boots and skirts are so lovely, and cool VIP jacket!

L & W Furniture (Sidonie Larkham)
Simple Cherry Bedroom Set
It comes bed,tabel,lump and much much more!
They are low prim:)
There are 35 animations in the bed.

What a wonderful world:)
Thank you for purchasing these items!
Thank you for your participation:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mika Happy:D

Thank you for your contribution buying Mika pumps at DeLa*:)))
We still sell until the end of this month.

I've already written yesterday about Mika pumps which sales all goes to Wheelies.
If you have little bit interest, please come to my shop.
Or there are so many fantastic creations below!!!

Some of them, I bought yesterday.
Creator who join Wheelies are increasing day by day!
There are so many attractive stuff that I should go get them again! ahaha;)
I will show you what I buy on next post.

All land mark are here!!
There is a box, please click the box and get them:D

Sasy Scarborough
2skins L$100 each

Whimsy Winx
Its $350, and features 4 single poses, 2 couples poses, and if you click the large cushion you have 18 couples poses all menu driven.

Winx-Neko Climber: 8 single poses, 20 prims, Copy/No Trans $375Tangna

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please help,donate pumps MIKA!

Mika is a strap pumps only for donation.
It costs L$300. It 100% goes to Wheeleys. I hope many people stop by and buy them.
Sasy Scarborough write about Donation.
Please see her blog.

Thank you so much for your attention.
Always love:)
Big hug hug*
Eitaro and Kuranosuke:)

Be a curator!

I pretend to be a probationer of curator today;P

Do I look smart? lol

I hold notebooks and several profound art books. Behaving as if I do not miss anything about the art. I will get next position for the executive curator! So I study alot:D lol

Please see my boots. Garcia in brown ;)
=Scene with DeLa*=

Top:DeLa* (Sasha-Turquoise)
Denim:DeLa* (Lindsey-Blue02)
Boots:DeLa* (Garcia-Brown)

Earring:Celestial Studio (Diamond Drop Hoops)

Bangle:EARTHTONES boutique (Maya Bracelet Secret Glade)

Sunglass:Armidi Gisaci (Fi Umo Sunglasses-TurtoiseFog)

Hair:Tsukinowaguma (Shizuka)

SS Location =Scene with DeLa*IWei CETUS Gallery

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Soda pop

When I coodinate these they remaind me pop, soda, fizz or any carbonated drink like Coke or 7Up. ahaha:P I usualy don't take a cold drink though. I guess these colors are so fresh to make me imagine enough. Is that only me? lol

White, yellow and green, they are representative color on spring. I go get a drink after this post. Of course it will be Coke:)

Top:DeLa* (Jessie-White)
Skirt:DeLa* (Sasha-Purewhite)
Sandal:DeLa* (Tanya-Green)

Earring:artilleri (double cherry set)

Bangle:EARTHTONES boutique (Puau Shell Green)

Hair:Detour (Luna)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sending all my love to...

I wear all in black for replacing old Pop of "Thaelle" with new one:)

Thaelle is slinky pumps.
I stare the Thaelle as if I'm falling love with...

=Scene with DeLa*= This location is upstair on DeLa* main store .

Skirt:DeLa* (Sasha-Black)
Pumps:DeLa* (Thaelle-Black)

Top:caLLie cLine (ugly duckling)

Choker:Muse (Chatelaine Collection-silver)
Earring:Muse (Celine Pearl Earrings-black pearl)

Hair:ETD (Holly)

Nail:Fleur (Red)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

One piece "Kate"

"Kate" One piece is released;)
Kate has pretty silhouette one piece which comes with same texture of leggings and wrist band .
Sorry,I fogot to wear leggings. So I can not show you another style this time.

=Scene with DeLa*=

One Piece:DeLa* (Kate-Bear)
Boots:DeLa* (Garcia-Brown)

Earring:EARTHTONES boutique (Boho Gypsy Necklace)

Hair:BP* (Mickey dango)
SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=Tesh Garden

Friday, April 18, 2008

Stay cool

These outlook are also worn on Sherry Advertisement:)

Short leggings with side bit.
The bit rings look Olympic! ahaha It needs 2 more rings though.. ;D

=Scene with DeLa*=

Tunic:DeLa* (Cobain-Wine)
Leggings:DeLa* (Sherry-White)
Sandal:DeLa* (Celine-CutieLove)

Earring:Artilleri (double cherry set)

Bangle:EARTHTONES boutique (Romance Shades Bangles)

Bangle(R):MM Luxe (Bamboo & Pearl Bangle Bracelets)

Hair ETD (Shawn)

SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shiny contrast

This outlook is for Sherry Leggings Ad. Outside is warmer and warmer day by day. I wear fuchsia shirts and vivid grass green pants for making strong contrast like outside scenary;D
If you are still in winter mood, please wake up by the color contrast:) There are also full of sunshine in glid by windlight.hahaha:P I can not contain myself for joy!

long type pants bottom and petit ribbon sandal Serena

Scene with DeLa*

Pants:DeLa* (Sherry-Grassgreen)
Shirts:DeLa* (Sasha-Fuchsia)
Sandal:DeLa* (Serena)

Bangle:EARTHTONES boutique (Leopard Bangles)

Nail:Love Magic (gel-BabyPink Set)

Toe nail:CaNDy Nail (Jewelry Finger and Toe nails-red)

Hair Acesory:Reninisce Jewelry (Beautiful Hair Flower-clor changing)

Hair:Naughty (Maya I)

Secen with DeLa*