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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Giovanna mini dress

Giovanna, new mini dress is released.
Giovanna comes with a matching color belt.
Five solid color and with skin types are available.

Again,Giovanna comes with a matching color
Please don't buy a matchig same color belt when you purchased a Giovanna dress.

And also all belts are sold alone.
Dress can be enjoy with a another color belt combination.
I like brown Giovanna with a gold belt;D
For wild and passionate summer, Giovanna will catch your heart.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ALTAMODA Magazine 1st Quarter Party

Last week, we had a great oppoturnity for the great EFA fashion show on ALTAMODA Magazine 1st Quarter Party.
As a cover girl on ALTAMODA magazine on this month, Haruka Kish, one of the top models in SL, showed us great performance with another top models. I really want to show you all their performance with DeLa*, but unfortunately I have a few photos on that due to unrezzed trouble. The show was much much better than these pics.
Please imagine the atmosphere and the rest of part which doesn't tell on
Thank to all people who came that party:)
Thank to Darcy, Haruka Kish and models,
thank to Una Ewing, you were a very beautiful hostess on that show.
Of course, thank to Ewing Fashion Agency. You gave us a wonderful performance!!

ALTAMODA magazine stand is set up in front of DeLa* main store;)
Come and get the new magazine!!

There are many pics on EFA