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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

=DeLa*= LookBook December 21th 2010

=DeLa*= LookBook

Jacket:=DeLa*= Shearling jacket "Rosa" Red
Inner top:=DeLa*= Bustier and shorts set "Mirielle" Black
Leggings:=DeLa*= Leggings "Sherry" Black
Belt:a part of =DeLa*= Knit dress with chain belt "Ellie"
Legwarmer:=DeLa*= Legwarmer "Basic" Red
Sandal:=DeLa*= Sandal "Sandra" black
Sunglass:=DeLa*= Sunglasses "RG1" Brown
Pose:=DeLa*= Flash lights-21,=DeLa*= Find me-26,=DeLa*= Find me-25
Hair:bijou: hair[Marie]/Brown

=DeLa*= at Marketplace

Monday, December 13, 2010

=DeLa*= LookBook December 14th 2010

DeLa* LookBook

Jacket=DeLa*= Shearling jacket "Rosa" Black
Sweater=DeLa*= Sweater "Emilia" Rumbrandy
Skirt: skirt partof =DeLa*= Knit cardi, skirt, sheer thigh high set "Leni" Black
Legwarmer:=DeLa*= Legwarmer "Basic" Black
Pumps:=DeLa*= Pumps "Silvera" Darkred
Pose:=DeLa*= On my stage-19,=DeLa= On my stage-05,=DeLa= On my stage-02

Skin:Mynerva~Fudge~Misti Noir
Eyes:: Exodi :: Tetra Eyes - Natural Series (Emerald)
Eyelush:S R FL 4in1 004-cherry on chin vr2.03
Eyelush HUD:S R Interlligent 3in1 HUD(JT)vr3.oMONO
Hair:[LeLutka]-SAMARA 2.0 hair/Light Brunette


=DeLa*= at Marketplace

Sunday, November 28, 2010

=DeLa*= New knit cardi, skirt, and thigh high sheer socks set

DeLa* released tiny knit cardi, skirt, and thigh high sheer socks set called Leni.
Enjoy your mix and match coodinate!

=DeLa*= "Leni" at Marketplace

Friday, November 12, 2010

DeLa* LookBook November 13th

DeLa* LookBook November 13th

Coat:=DeLa*= Trench coat "Anne" Black
Sweater:=DeLa*= Sweater "Emilia" Jet black
Pants:=DeLa*= Short Pants "Nicole" Black
Earrings:=DeLa*= Earring "Leontyne" Black
Sandal:=DeLa*= Sandal "Marie" black
Pose:=DeLa*= can't stop eating chocolate-03

Skin:Mynerva~Caramel~Plain Jane~Dot to Dot
Eyes:pc eyes by LL - bright - spanish moss
Eyelashes:S R Optional Eyelash Black vr3.0 MONO
Eyelashes:[SG*] Eyelash01
Hair base:LAQ ~ Blonde hair kit [Fair]
Hair:Miamai_Heroy Tail

Saturday, November 06, 2010

=DeLa*= New cowl neck mini dress

New knitted cowl neck mini dress "Letti"
Resize script in it.
You can also modify them. even they say no mod.


=DeLa*= cowl neck mini dress "Letti" at Marketplace

Saturday, October 23, 2010

DeLa* LookBook October 24th

DeLa* Lookbook of the week.

Coat:=DeLa*= Trench coat "Anne" Navy
Dress:=DeLa*= Dress "Giovanna" Black
Earrings:=DeLa*= Earring "Berlioz" Navy
Sandals:=DeLa*= Sandal "Marie" Darkcherry
Pose:=DeLa*= Stylista-30
=DeLa*= can't stop eating chocolate-03
=DeLa*= can't stop eating chocolate-04animation
Hair:bijou: hair[Nola]/Brown
Nail:Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Red10
Skin:DCNY [Laleh]

Sunday, October 17, 2010

=DeLa*= New Flight jacket

Leather aviator jacket with shearling lining and oversized double collar.
Resize script in all prim parts

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

DeLa* LookBook October 7th

DeLa* LookBook this week.

Dress:=DeLa*= Suede mini dress "Angela" White
Earrings:=DeLa*= Earring "Camilla" Silver
Bangle:=DeLa*= Bangle "Dian" Silver
Pose:=DeLa*= happy go lucky smile-11
Skin:DCNY [Laleh]
Hair:bijou: hair[Nola]/Brown

Dress:=DeLa*= Suede mini dress "Angela" Pink
Bangle:=DeLa*= Bangle "Callas" Darkred
Pose:=DeLa*= can't stop eating chocolate-09
Skin:Mynerva~Butterscotch~Plain Jane~Dolly Dots
Nails:Fleur(no shop..)
Hair:Exile Venus/ Light Blondes

Saturday, October 02, 2010

=DeLa*= New Sandals

We released new sandals called Marie.

Marie is bow sandals, lacy bow look for viewer 2, with nails and toe rings.
Nail colors are 21 plus 3 french nails.
On-off gold and silver tone trinity toe rings are on both side.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

=DeLa*= Lookbook September 12th, 2010

DeLa* Lookbook of the week.

Neckwarmer:=DeLa*= Neckwarmer "Basic" Hazel
Armwarmer:=DeLa*= Armwarmer "Basic" Hazel
Legwarmer:=DeLa*= Legwarmer "Basic" Hazel
Tops:=DeLa*= Miriel black
Denim:=DeLa*= Forina blue03
Belt:=DaLa*=Daisy skirt(belt of Daisy)
Sandal:=DeLa*= Sandal "Sandra" black
Hair:TRUTH Bettina - browns
Skin:Mynerva ~Caramel~Plain Jane~Dot to Dot
Makeup:.:::GARAGE:::.Makeup 53 for viewer 2(photo2)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

=DeLa*= Lookbook September 7th, 2010

Knitted warmers make easy fall styles.
Center of the flower colors are changed.

***first photo***
Neckwarmer:=DeLa*= Neckwarmer "Rosie" Gray
Armwarmer:=DeLa*= Armwarmer "Rosie" Gray
Legwarmer:=DeLa*= Legwarmer "Rosie" Gray
Jacket:=DeLa*= Jacket "Belinda" Black
Sandal:=DeLa*= Sandal "Sandra" black
Hair::bijou: hair[Nola]/Brown
Skin:6 DCNY [Laleh]

***second photo***
Neckwarmer:=DeLa*= Neckwarmer "Rosie" Hazel
Armwarmer:=DeLa*= Armwarmer "Rosie" Hazel
Dress:=DeLa*=Body-con knit mini Lisa 
Hair: Maitreya Malou - Blonds Pack
Skin:Mynerva~Vanilla~Misti Noir
Eyes:pc eyes by LL - bright - spanish moss
Eyelash:Sweetest Goodbye [SG*] 01

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

=DeLa*= New Sandals and Knitted Warmers

DeLa* new release news!

New sandals called 'Sandra'.
Sandra is multi-strap sandals with nails and toe rings, a gold-tone zip fastening at the back with tassel zip pull. Nail colors are eighteen plus six french nails. On-off gold and silver tone trinity toe rings are on both side.

Another NEW is neck, leg, and arm warmers.
They are two types. One is basic, the other is with flowers which are changed center parts color.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

=DeLa*= Lookbook August 18th, 2010

Lookbook this week is swimwear. It is only a week left in August. We hope all of you have great rest of the summer!

first photo***
Swimwear:=DeLa*= Bikini "Margarita" Black
Bangle:=DeLa*= Bangle "Dian" Black

Skin:Mynerva~Caramel~Plain Jane~Dot to Dot
Eyelash:Sweetest Goodbye [SG*] 01
Hair[Shag] - LOVESICK - Medium Shades
Pose:=DeLa*= Sunshine Kiss-08

second photo***
Swimwear=DeLa*= Bikini "Margarita" Indigo
Earring:=DeLa*= Earring "Antonia" Navy
Bangle:=DeLa*= Bangle "Dian" Gold

Skin: LAQ ~ Imani [Nougat] 8-PACK Glow skins
Hair:!VA! Zingara blacks
Pose:=DeLa*= Look Book-08

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

=DeLa*= Lookbook August 18th, 2010

Top:=DeLa*= Strapless tops "Uva" Khaki
Denim:=DeLa*= Jeans "Stacy" Capri Blue02
Bracelet:=DeLa*= Bangle "Lloyd" Gold d (R)
:=DeLa*= Bangle "Lloyd" Gold b (L)
Sandals:=DeLa*= Sandal "Namid II"Leopard
Pose:=DeLa*= Find me-21,=DeLa*= Find me-23

Hair:TRUTH Freda - dark browns
EyelashS@R Optional Eyelash Black vr2.03
Makeup:.:::GARAGE:::.Makeup 53 for viewer 2
Skin::Curio: Petal-Cupid 2 FATPACK

Sunday, August 08, 2010

=DeLa*= Lookbook August 8th, 2010

I start blogging DeLa* LookBook.
Hope summer is going great for all of you.
Stay healthy!

Big smiles:)
Eitaro Igaly

Sweater around the shoulder:=DeLa*= Sweater wraps "JD" White
Tank:=DeLa*= Tanktop "Peggy" Navy
Pants:=DeLa*= Half Pants "Alexis" White
Earrings:=DeLa*= Earring "Antonia" Navy
Bracelet(right):=DeLa*= Bangle "Carmen - a" Navy
(left):=DeLa*= Bangle "Aida - b" Navy
Sandals:=DeLa*= Sandal "Dolly"white
Pose:=DeLa*= Stylista-19,=DeLa*= Stylista-16

Hair:[LeLutka]-OLJA hair/Dark Bonde
Eyelash:[OH] Lashes :::(~_~)::: MUSE
Makeup:.:::GARAGE:::.Makeup 53 for viewer 2
Skin::Curio: Petal-Cupid 2 FATPACK