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Saturday, March 29, 2008

We just moved!! looks like same though..;P

We just moved!! Old location was too much lug, so we escaped from there by super quick decision. :D It took just one day, haha:)
This is new Location.

I wear black tunique with leggings from S.Y.D today:) This is sooo cute!
I love this outlook<3

New begin!!
Sasy Scarborough wrote about DeLa* on her Blog.
We are very happy to see her great looks!Thank you very much!

Sandal:DeLa* (Celine-Wordsworth)

Tunique:S.Y.D (la luna series;Tunique tres chique)
Neckalace:Muse (Kailena Necklace)
Bangle:Chronokit(Bracelet gold point)
Eariing:EARTHTONES boutique (Paua Shell Cream.Round N.E.B)
Sunglass:Armidi Gisaci (Fi Umo Sunglasses-White Turtoise)
Nail:Love Soul (Nail French-Pink)
Toe nail:CaNDy Nail (Jewelry Finger and Toe nails-red)
Hair:Detour (Luna)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All in a refreshing

Blue,blue blue! Fresh blue:D

I really need blue sky, blue sea, clean air without pollen. So I wear all in a refreshing blue color:) I unintentionally do a deep breathing. Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale......:D
I usually do this hair in my RL. When I found this, I can not stop getting it! :)


=Scene with DeLa*=

Tanktop:DeLa* (Jessie- White)
Skirt:DeLa* (Suzana-Blue01)
Sandal:DeLa* (Celine-Breeze)

Neckalace:MM Luxe (Bamboo & Pearl Necklace)
Bracelet:*MM Luxe* (Bamboo & Pearl Bangle Bracelets)

Earring:Cailyn's (Pearl Drop Chain Earrings)

Sunglass:Armidi Limited (Wide Rise WR001-red)

Nail:Love Magic (Clear-red)

Toe nail:CaNDy Nail (Jewelry Finger and Toe nails-red)

Hair:Uncleweb St (Aisha-III)

SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=
Antique Artistry

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I dote on Celine<3 New sandals!!

New sandals are released:)

New ankle ribbon tie sandals "Celine" make you more dramatical look.
Though I chose Zebra print for this black beautiful dress by caLLie cLine today, the other Celine tend to be more feminine:) There are three prints and seven sandals available.

My explanation about shoes are always poor, so please refer "On Your Toes" site:D
I count on them. ;P

=Scene with DeLa*=

Sandal:DeLa* (Celine-Zebra)
Choker:DeLa* (not for sale yet)

Dress:caLLie cLine (ugly duckling-runway series)

Clach bag:Cache (handbagSILVER)

Nail:Fleur (Fleur Wine Shimmer)

Hair:ETD (Bonita II)

SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=
Dresden Gallery

Monday, March 24, 2008

New tank with Big summer stole

New tank is released.

Slimmer fit tank which comes with big scarf. Avairable in seven colors. They are all eye catching bright summer colors! Each tank has 2 kinds of neck hem colors which are black and matching straight. They have undershirt, shirt, jacket and pants layer each.

=Scene with DeLa*=

Tanktop:DeLa* (Jessie-Blue)
Jeans:DeLa* (Forina-Black02)
Sandal:DeLa* (Polina- Black black)

Earring:Ame True (Turchese d'Argento Set)
I can not find LM. Sorry:(

Bangle(R):Naughty (Turqoise Multi 3 in 1)

Bangle(L):Cake (2 Flea Market Bracelets)

Nail:Armidi (True Enhance Painted Nails-Raspberry)

Hair:Tsukinowaguma (Anzu)

SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=
Herman Miller

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I finally went to Relay For Life! I chose two lovely stuffs from the official vendor:D

So today I wear DeLa* jeans with gorgeous limited set for RFL by TULI, which is included bracelets, flower, shoes, necklace and headband. Necklace is donated by MUSE.

Lovely necklace and beautiful flower<3

Tanya in black

This style is the complete set except headband.

=Scene with DeLa*=

Sandal:DeLa* (Tanya-Black)
Jeans:Dela* (Forina-Blue01)

TULI RFL 2008 limited set

Earring:Muse (Triste Rosette Gold and Diamond )

Nail:Love Magic (BabyPink Set)

Toe nail:CaNDy NaiL (#005 JEWELRY Finger and Toe Nails-Red Nails)

Hair:ETD (EvaII)

SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=
Apollo Harbour

Friday, March 21, 2008

Day eight

I did! I did! I finish Suzana skirt eight days runnning today:D Gold scarfy belt "Suzana green" is left for the last day for wishig world peace<3 I am so happy and I have a sense of achievement even this goal is small.haha xD

=Scene with DeLa*=

Skirt:DeLa* (Suzana-Green)
Sandal:DeLa* (Brigitte-Rumor)

Halter neck:Last Call (Francesca)
Shirts & Jacket:Last Call (Frida)

Sanglass:Armidi Gisaci (Fi Umo Sunglasses-White Turtoise)
Hair:Armidi (The Bombshell)

Earring:Cream Shop (Glam-Red)

SS Location=Scene with DeLa*=IWei CETUS Gallery

Day seven

I almost reach the eight days Suzana running!   I will wear one more day for conclusion:D
Suzana blue02 has big orange flower print scarf belt.  My concept is flower for relaxing today.   So I gather all flower stuffs and wear them all.   It is provoked by the smell of the flower, and a bee comes on my chest:)   Do not bite please!

I love this Polina sandal shape.   It is really comfortable same as real world:)

=Scene with DeLa*=

Skirt:DeLa* (Suzana-blue02)
Camisole:DeLa* (from Mirabelle-white)
Sandal:DeLa* (Polina-Blue Red)

Jacket:ICING (Springtime Jacket)

Bangle:Cream Shop (Lily bangle-orange)
Broach:Cream Shop (from black poncho)

Necklace:Paper Couture (Diamond Bee Necklace)

Nail:Fleur (Fleur red nails)

Hair:Naughty (Party Girl III)
SS Location=Scene with DeLa*=

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day six

I wear Zebra wrapped belt skirt "Suzana-red". I cordinate its looks based on red x black today. Red x black is very easy but attractive combination like cappuccino and cookie<3 Yummy:D

=Scene with DeLa*=

Skirt:DeLa* (Suzana-Red)
Top:DeLa* (from Mirabelle-white)
Pumps:DeLa* (Thaelle-Red)

Cardigan:Mimikri (from Kit-Cosmo black)

Socks:TaP (Knee Socks Black)

Necklace:Artilleri (Double cherry set)

Bangles(R):EARTHTONES boutique (Romance Shades)
(L):EARTHTONES boutique (Leopard Bangles)

Nail:Fleur (Fleur red nails)

Hair:ETD (Amber)

SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=
IWei CETUS Gallery

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Suzana Day five

Suzana is coming back! :)

Today I choose light colored blue denim No.1 so that I feel like I am in Monaco and have a long lunch time under the blue sky, even I've never been there.:P

I wear Chronokit watch instead of bracelet. Chronokit timepieces, innovative technology and performance in glid are made in Japan:) It performs many way. First of all, the second hand works! This multifunction watch features a day and so I actually do not understand well. I wear minimum accesories for awesome watch and go to see a wave roll away. I can tell it must be water resistance:P

Cute white dot sandal features three tiny ribbons.

=Scene with DeLa*=

Skirt:Dela* (Suzana-Blue01)
Sandal:DeLa* (Chante-Perple)

Top:Gisaci (Sunset Boulevard Dress-White)
Sanglass:Armidi Gisaci (Fi Umo Sunglasses-White Turtoise)

Watch:Chronokit (watch_no.22_*Planetio*)

Earring:Paper Couture (Steel Spikes)

Nail:HEX (Precision Gradients-Guava)

SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=
Sands House Club

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Be a Mango

I take a break to be running Suzana skirt "Day five" today so that today is just a turnning point Suzana eight day's running:) I really need to take a rich nutrition from Mango! :P This roundish balloon skirt make my looks more fresh tropical fruits.

I can't stop wearring this pretty heart shaped cherry necklace.
What a fruity day:)

=Scene with DeLa*=

Pumps:DeLa* (Thaelle-Black)

Dress:Gisaci (Sculpted Silk Organza Dress - Mango)

Arm wrap fur:ICING (from Holiday Party)

Necklace:MM (Cherry Charm)
Earring: MM Luxe (Quartz Crystal Chandelier)
Bracelet:MMn(Pave Diamond Link)

Socks:H+K (from cocoa oreo-spring girl friend)

Nail:Fleur (Fleur red nails)

Hair:Tukinowaguma (Shizuka)

SS Location=Scene with DeLa*=

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day four - Ver. II

Wanna be a big rockstar!

I try to wear like a one who is dreaming to be a BIG rock star! Today is actually "Day four" for Suzana denim skirt. But I had already titled "Day four" yesterday, it was " Day three",though . awawaw,,,, I'm soooo soooo stupid:( So this is "Day four - Ver II". hehehe:D

The beat is going strong!

=Scene with DeLa*=

Boots:Jape Stern (Shuzzle-Black)

Cami:Maitreya (from Mirli Sweater-Black)
Long Glove:

Bowa:caLLie cLine (RAINBOWA-black)

Socks:H+K (from cocoa oreo-spring girl friend)

Necklace:Yummy (Opals and Pearls Set)

Earring:Cailyn's (Pearl Drop Chain Earrings)

Hair:Tukinowaguma (Remon)
SS Location =Scene with DeLa*=