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Thursday, January 31, 2008

New patent pumps

Today's Style

New sculpted pumps which coated with a high gloss finish, Helia is just coming!! I'm so happy to introduce "Helia" today:D I thought they would be released after this weekend. There are twelve colors.

Even Tee & Denim, patent pumps makes me looking sharp. It is very helpful in extremely busy morining:P

= Scene with DeLa*=

Pumps:DeLa* (Helia-Black)


Pants:LF Trusty Jeans (Dark)

Tights:Veschi (Tintable)

Sunglass:Armidi Limited (Fi Umo Sunglasses)

Earring:Yummy-Nylon outfitters (Opals and Pearls Set)

Eyes:Muism (Clear Eyes Mix Gray)

Hair:ETD (Trinitee)

SS Location = Scene with DeLa*=
Cetus Gallery District

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Magenta magic

Today's Style

Take out a fur jacket style. I'm in love with this pencil dress especially this magenta. I bought fat pack anyways,hehehe:D. I ready to go a party! Somebody take me,please! lol

Helia again! I ask Ku(DeLa* designer)to make silver and gold pumps Helia. I can't wait!! What color do you want?

= Scean with DeLa*=

Boots:DeLa* (Helia-Magenta)not store now... will be coming

Jacket:Digit Darkes (Fur Bomb Crop Cjacket)

Dress:G.L.A.M (Bustier Pencil Dress-Magenta)
Tihgts:G.L.A.M (Tintable Metalic Lycra Tights(Free!))

Glove:Paper Couture (from p.c. Cecilia)
Necklace:Paper Couture (River Sotne Set)Earring:Paper Couture (Black Pearl Set-Vintage Black Earrings)

Eyes:Muism (Clear Eyes Mix Gray)

Hair:ETD (Holly)

SS Location = Scean with DeLa*=
Catalunya Museu D'Art
I took last pic at my friend's gallery in private.....:)

Urban Greek Muse

Pumps:DeLa* (Helia-magenta) ***Helia will be coming.....not in store now.

Sweet Ranger

Deep colored Garcia boots. It looks luxury and rich. Gold buckles are cute accents for this massive boots.

Lady in Red

Strup sandal with three tiny ribbons. It's not only a cute, it is added flavor of sexy elegance byleopard texture .

White Dynamite

Loose fit boots, Darena is just arrived.

Dip in Bordeaux

I like this rare color boots. It's so cute,isn't it? hehehe:)

Bulky peaky

Sandal:DeLa* (Dolger-Red Gem)

Pose:Jaja by DeLa*

SS Location = Scean with DeLa*=
Herman Miller

Keep it green

Very stylish boots, Devon-enamel

Boots:DeLa* (Devon-Enamel)
pose:Jaja By DeLa*
SS Location = Scean with DeLa*=

Deep black

The Boots, Briana is actually over knee high length which has a top part. I took off the top at this time for the skirt.