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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Non stop fountain for Wheelies

More for Wheelies!!
We do not stop fountain for Wheelies until the end 30th:D
And I can not stop shopping for them,hahaha;P

Coquette (Shannon Carroll)
Skully set Skully set is including Copped parker, skirt, bikini pants and boots!
What a great package!

SY Designs (SySy Chapman)
Floral music
Feminine sweet dress;D

We dress from great Wheelis stuffs:))

I and Kuranosuke(she is first shown up on the blog. she is the creator on DeLa*) wear Brush and Vintage skin from Sasy Scarborough. I need fix my shape for this. ahaha:D

Texture of her black skirt from Material Squirrel is great. I imagine all wings sold at Material Squirrel are all fantastic:)

The bottle Kuranosuke is holding as a treasure is very Evil Fairy in a bottle which talks, dances and twirls! We set the bottle at DeLa* We love it:))

My pink dress!! It is from Pink Flamingo makes me Barbie quickly and now I am almost a princess:) Flamingo feather sometimes tickle my feet;P

For my princess outlook, pearl accesories by Dark Mouse just makes me a perfect princess.;D Pearl set including earrings, necklace, bracelet will be my favorite!

Kuranosuke outfit
Skin:Sasy Scarborough (Brush) *Wheelies*
Evil Fairy in a bottle *Wheelies*
Pumps:DeLa* (Mika) *Wheelies*

Tank:DeLa* (Mirabelle-Black)
Hair:ETD (Ginny)
Dress:The Flamingo (Birds of paradiseFantastic ) *Wheelies*

Accesories: Dark Mouse (Pearl accesorie set) *Wheelies*

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